Oh breastfeeding… What an amazing experience you were! I remember when Everlee was first born I was SO excited to try and breastfeed. I was so set on it, too. Our first attempt went okay for it being new for both of us. With the help of our wonderful nurse we latched on just right! It only lasted ten or so minutes, but I can remember the whole event.

Now the first day, that was brutal. She was just so tiny! I tried every position in the book but nothing was helping her, or myself. At that time, I wanted to give up. I thought maybe it wasn’t for me, even though I wanted it so bad! After a few days, and being groped by both strangers and family, we started to get the hang of things!

She started feeding like a champ! My nipples on the other hand, were a hot mess. We pushed through every blister or crack I got! Once she started growing and her mouth became larger, breastfeeding was so much easier. Plus, we were actually enjoying it! I mean, I could do chores while breastfeeding. We were professionals at that point.

Fast forward to 2 1/2 months in. Everything was still going so smooth. Nothing could get in our way! Or so I thought. I had been putting off getting a procedure done for a good two years. Once I scheduled said procedure, I had one week to try and pump like a mad woman for while I was under anesthesia. If any exclusively breastfeeding mothers are reading this, you’ll probably understand. I hadn’t pumped since my milk was unregulated and I was producing enough milk for twelve babies. So, when I tried to pump for surgery, I was able to get one bottle.

I was so frustrated but knew there was nothing I could do, because I had to get the surgery. So we turned to formula. Turned out, she was all over that. Everlee, being the little piggy she is, loved how fast she could eat with her bottle. I can’t blame her, I can eat an entire tub of ice cream in once sitting.

I didn’t think that morning would be our last feeding together. I was fully prepared to come home and get back to our regular routine. Unfortunately, things did NOT go that way. She totally rejected the boob after she learned of the glorious bottle. I was so heart broken! Ask Dillon, I cried… More than once. It was something so special that I wasn’t ready to give up, and so suddenly.

After finally coming to terms with our breastfeeding journey coming to a faster end than I intended, I decided to stop trying to pump. I was in so much physical pain after my surgery that it was just easier to give her the formula she loved so much. Plus, she was getting so chunky. Who doesn’t love a chunky baby?

I figured I should put this random disclaimer in here… in no way am I shaming ANYONE who doesn’t breastfeed, or formula itself. I just wanted to share our journey together. Fed is best! Hands down!

I’m so proud of her and myself for pushing through every obstacle we faced. I’m so lucky to have gotten the time we did out of breastfeeding, and even luckier to have a healthy baby girl! I’m so thankful that even after our end with breastfeeding, she switched to formula so easy. She’s seriously awesome.

Breastfeeding is something I will always cherish with all my children, and Everlee has taught me not to take any of that time for granted. Here’s to all the blisters, late night feedings, handicap stall feedings, sprinkler let-downs, lanolin, milk stained shirts, and engorgement. You will be missed… until my next baby, that is!

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