April 30th, 2017 started like every other day. It was Sunday, which meant grocery shopping and chores for Dillon and I. After a long day of playing catch up around the house, it was time for some well deserved R&R. I had felt under the weather the past week, so I did what my coworker had advised me. I had all of the classic symptoms. Nausea, heartburn, exhaustion, and for some reason I could NOT stomach pizza.

It was around seven in the evening at this point so I figured, why not? I went and took a pregnancy test. I sat and watched the test, and I kid you not, one minute went by and there was a dark double line. There was no doubt about what it read. I had just celebrated my nineteenth birthday, so of course I was in shock. What would everyone say? What would they think? Would I carry full term?

I had always wanted this, a family of my own. But was I ready to face this beautiful journey ahead of me? Was Dillon? Well, after my thirty second panic attack, I was overjoyed! I quickly ran over to Dillon to share what I had discovered. As I suspected, he had the same overall reaction as I did. But, his end result was also the same as mine, pure excitement. Now my pregnancy was no plan, but it wasn’t an accident either. We were already mentally prepared for if this day would come. Nor did I ever once think Dillon wanted anything different, for those who I’m sure wondered that.

If anyone reading this knows me personally, you know I like my evidence. Since it was late in the evening, and the tests I bought were cheap, I took another. By no surprise, another instant positive. You thought I would stop there, right? Haha, nope. The next day, I took six more, for a total of eight positives! I got my evidence, by the way. From then on, we just played it day-by-day. We went on and told our loved ones, who were all shocked, supportive, and excited. We love you!

By the end of my first trimester, we announced our news on social media’s and told our friends. From that point forward we just did what any other couple would do. We prepared, found out we were having a baby girl, then waited for delivery day. I wouldn’t changed a thing about how we ended up where we are today. Everlee has been the biggest blessing to Dillon, me, and our families.

Being a young mom is so hard but so rewarding. For me, the actual act of “momming” isn’t hard, it’s actually really natural and easy. Yes, I have an easy baby. Will my future children challenge me? I’d put money on that. What’s hard is the looks I get, the stigma behind young parents, and the judgement. Thankfully for my readers, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter! This is a subject I could go on forever with, so I think I’ll stop here and rant in another post!

I will never forget this day, and I’m so thankful for what became of it. My little family means the world to me.

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